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How to Use a Computer by Dustin Miller

Why this book is important:

I’ve met countless people who still to this day have a hard time using a computer or even a Mac. When I hear this it breaks my heart, and I also say to them it just takes a few attempts to understand. I thought this book would be a nice way to guide more people towards technology.


A book for people of all skill levels (there will be an advanced section), but mainly for people who are starting to use technology such as elderly people or kids.

How it will fit into the PolyInnovator Ecosystem

Part of the innovation aspect of PolyInnovator, as helping people get started in their technological educational pursuits would suit not only the brand but the world.

What is it for?

Simply to help people understand the inner workings of computers, for both hardware and software. Kept in a simple explanation format, to not scare off people who feel timid about the technology.

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