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Becoming a Polymath by Dustin Miller

Why this book is important:

Polymathy is a rising needed skillset. Being a polymath isn’t just about mastery over many areas, but being able to bridge said skills as well. Knowing how to do that, especially in a modern age is what this book is meant to do.


This book takes the concepts applied to being a jack of all trades or generalist, as well as the unique ideals of a universalist and gentleman scholar; To be applied towards becoming a Polymath (modern one at that).

How it will fit into the PolyInnovator Ecosystem

Considering the premise of PolyInnovator is being a Polymath of Innovation, there is plenty of room for simple polymathy as well!

What is it for?

For those who feel that having just one specialty isn’t enough for them. Or even better for those who feel that there is a common bridge of two skills no one else has seen/done anything about yet.

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