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Skill Tree Based Learning Course

skill tree based learning
skill tree based learning

This course follows a “Freemium” model, where you can take the course for free, but in each section/module there will be content that can be unlocked with a “micropayment“.

One of the reasons for doing is because I wanted to have two versions of this course, one free, and one paid. However I thought it would exemplify the manner of the subject matter. The point of a skill tree is for you to be able to choose what path to go down.

Whenever you pay for a deeper knowledge section, then it is like spending a skill point in that particular skill tree.

I also thought this would be fantastic for the reason of choice. Meaning that if you only care about one section of the course, but want to read the rest of the free; Then you have the ability to choose what parts you pay for, and that really is the point behind the Skill-Tree based learning…choice.

Disclaimer: This is a test for seeing if this strategy works for course development, and for your satisfaction. Meaning please communicate if anything needs improvement, or that you are really happen with! Thank you. support@polyinnovator.space

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