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Skill Tree Based Teaching Certification

The Skill Tree Based learning is a course meant to help you understand as a student what to look for when taking a divergent education path. As a teacher you may want to use this system for yourself, but what if you mess up in creating it? Perhaps you don’t cater to a certain audience enough, or one pathway is too centralized, and you end up not really facilitating the Skill Tree mindset.

That is why this certification is ideal for you, as it would teach the ways of creating such courses. As well as give you proof to show to your students/potential students that you know how to make a specialized education for them.

Giving you even more leverage for them to take your course.

No estimated time of arrival for this certification, as the Skill Tree based course is still being created. A certification is optimal for educators, and simply content creators who want a unique way of curating their works.

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