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PolyMBA Course

Taking after a structure of a traditional MBA, but switching it on its head. When combining the old ways, with the PolyInnovator’s Skill Tree course structure, along with the Modular Degree system. Then the actual learning experience is modernized, as well as simply better for new students.

People want to learn the business skills and acumen, but don’t want to spend years learning it. Many of the PolyInnovator Academy students are fast learners, and when you’re able to take advantage of that skill; We can maximize your learning.

Many people come to the Modular Degree with business in mind, this just simply makes it easier for them. Not only will there be courses built by PA, but also links to various resources such as MOOC’s, articles, videos, and more.

Polymath MBA

Mixing the diversity of being a Polymath, and the adaptability of a Skill Tree based course. There is a profound potential of unique learning experiences, and perhaps specialization options when the time comes.

I hope you are excited for it to come!

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