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PolyInnovator Course: Polymath Exercise

Taking a generalist approach to exercise, is what essentially defines CrossFit as an ideology. The idea of cross training is nothing new, but the application of that idea changes over time.

Most cross fit gyms cater to the more beginner audience, but there is a profound amount of physical activity that is not included in that circle. The point of Polymath Exercise is to exceed prior limitations. Focusing purely on the dynamics of self discipline, and the prospect of achieving at least a 1% progress every time.

Certain techniques, various workout programs, and even ancient systems from cultures around the world are the key. The aim of Polymath Exercise is to incorporate as many of those as you want, or rather that you can. Many people see exercise as leveling up, but in reality it is a balance of making progress or losing it. It is always up and down, and trying to maximize the gain while minimizing the loss.

Explaining all of this in detail is the point of the Polymath Exercise phase of the PolyInnovator Omni-Content, and specifically the book and course.

In this course you will find information that will help you on your journey. It is aimed for intermediate to advanced learners, but even a beginner will gain a lot from it. It is recommended to retake it over time to relearn, or learn something you missed the first couple times around.

Look forward to having it release within the next couple years~!

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