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Have you ever wanted to master that new skill, or change careers, or even just get started with your education in the first place?

Often many people struggle at knowing how to learn something new, finding the time or tools to change careers, and getting into that school or that program.

If any of those apply to you, or even if you are simply interested in learning about Modular Education then read on…


Hi my name is Dustin, I created this Mini Course as a means to give people the opportunity they are looking for in life. I am not saying that this is the end all be all kind of thing, but a chance to get the gears turning.

Self-Education is a skill just like anything else, and in order to get good at it you need to practice, practice, practice, and who has the time for all that? Luckily I did, and I spent the next 6+ years after high school spending all my time learning about Self-Development.

What I want from this course is to get you started on that pathway, and teach you about how to develop and improve yourself so that you are capable of making that big change.

Whether you are trying to learn something new, or change your career path you need Self-Development as the tool to get you started. After that “Continuous Improvement” is needed, or in other words Self-Improvement, which is the act of getting just 1% better everyday. Finally you can get started on the education itself, which could lead to a degree, or it could not. What it does lead into though is Self-Education.

Knowing the difference between all three of those, and what TO DO after that is what you will be learning from this course.


After you are done then you will be ready for the full “Create Your Own Modular Degree Course”, which takes a more in-depth look on how to build your own Modular Education.

Understanding Self-Education

Self-Education at its Core

Self-Education at it`s core is having the ability to teach a new concept to yourself effectively, and having the grit to get past the hard learning times.

Self-Development Fundamentals
Self-Improvement Consistency

Challenging Assumptions

Traditional Degree Vs Modular Degree
Possible Accreditation
What to Tell Others

The Path Ahead

How the Mod Degree Will Help You
What Can You Do With a Mod Degree?
What is the Point?

How to Start

Basic Outline
Interleaving and Repetition
Getting Started Wrap up
It is free because the accessibility is needed to start to understand the concepts. First and foremost I want to get people started. I know monetizing is smart in some circles, but I want to hold true to my promise that my first course will be free!
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