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A Polymath's Approach to Being a Content Creator/Influencer

What does being a Polymath (a Jack of all trades) have to do with content creation?

It really comes down to maximizing the Omnichannel style of Marketing. Being everywhere at once, with successful returns on investment. For me ROI is about reach, and providing value to others. I create paid content because I know it is necessary, and I want to give people who really want to learn more a chance to do so; However I really think to be really successful in this day and age you need to be on all platforms.

Most people would have to hire out certain roles like graphics design or video creation. However I have been doing the former for over a decade, and the former for a few years now. Meaning that I have developed the skills in multiple areas to accomplish this feat.

On this page you will find links to various channels I use to reach you!

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PolyInnovator YouTube Videos Icon

Dynamic Videos

Between YouTube or D.tube there are a lot of great content pieces. I also intend on starting my streaming on various platforms as well!

PolyInnovator Polycast Icon
PolyInnovator Polycast Icon

The news of the modern age! You can listen to them on the go, while you workout, or even on your Audio Assistant device!

PolyInnovator Blog Icon
PolyInnovator Blog Icon

Probably going to leading into my magnum opus one day, this blog gives you the reader all the insights you’ll need. I create snippets of the courses or books from the ideas driven from the blog.

PolyInnovator Courses Icon
PolyInnovator Courses Icon

Considering how long I have been blogging I have discovered I have a lot to tell the world. I have already half a dozen books lined up ready to be written. Look ahead to see what’s coming!

PolyInnovator Innovation Projects Icon
PolyInnovator Innovation Projects Icon

Courses are one of the best ways to pursue knowledge. After all the brand started out as an endeavor to be able to consume vast amounts of courses. The ones I make I strive to create the deepest pools of value.

PolyInnovator Community Collaboration Icon
PolyInnovator Community Collaboration Icon

You know how when someone you know gets famous, and they forget about you? Well I won’t, and perhaps by you taking the opportunity to reach out we can become friends!

dustin Miller

Who am I?

I’m someone who has always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and changemaker. The world has a multitude of areas that it needs leaders with a polymathic mentality, and I hope to fill one of those spots. In addition to that, I hope that I can inspire others to do the same, and maybe give them a pathway to accomplish it.

In my lifetime, “I will be a globally recognized Innovation Polymath. Driven to Innovate technology and ideologyโ€.

Dustin Michael Loch Miller

Ceo | PolyInnovator or Innovation Polymath

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Perhaps you want to learn more about #innovation, or maybe about #Self-Education. This monumental blog is dedicated to being something extraordinary, and having information you can actually use/benefit from. It is my hope, as the main author, that I can get people to see Self-Education, Smart Cities, and Innovation differently. Then do something about it.

PolyInnovator (Here)

A culmination of almost a decade's worth of preparing. Honestly I still wonder how I got here sometimes, and all I can do is make sure the content here is great for you!


This blockchain platform is akin to if Reddit and Medium had a baby. Keeping my content on a decentralized platform, will inevitably be a good idea for my legacy.

LinkedIn Articles

This platform has a unique approach to blog posts, and I wanted to provide my professional colleagues with some interesting content there as well!


What is a Polymath?

Some say jack of all trades, others say generalist, and others still say that it is a pipe dream. I’m here to tell you the actual truth. That the specialist mindset spreads like wildfire, and is what still is common today. However it is not only no longer as important, but in fact probably hindering our progress.


Self-Development during the Quarantine

When you’re stuck at home, especially during a time like this, then you are going to feel like climbing the walls. I know that I personally feel this way, and that is with all these actionable steps I’m taking. After doing a lot of them my happiness started to rise.

Get an education during quarantine polyinnovator

How to Get an Education during the Quarantine

We go over what I call Self-EduDevMent, which is the culmination of Self-Development, Self-Education, and Self-Improvement. All of which are unique to your experience in their own right. When you manage to maintain all three, then it exponentially grows your understanding of what you are learning.

polyinnovator laptop 2

How Elementor Saved the PolyInnovator Website

I want to share the story with you about how the Elementor plugin saved my website! What makes you get up in the morning? For me it is my website, and the people who follow the content I create. That is what drives me to do more and more. Well my main hub, my site, broke late last year.



Videos are the medium of this generation, and even the ones before it with television. Thus came the idea of “TeleInnovator”, a TV show of sorts for PolyInnovator on multiple channels (see below). Allowing you to learn for free the concepts I talk about in my courses/ paid content.

Granted there will always be more to tell, learn, and talk about so stay tuned!

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Platforms for TeleInnovator


A blockchain based platform, built on Steemit, and future competitor to YT. I plan on making it my main video platform.


A platform where you can host your videos. I will be syndicating my content to there as well!


A underrated platform, that I believe will be very useful. I plan on sending content there as well. As well as creating unique stuff solely for it!

Facebook Watch

Facebook is not the most ideal platform in the world, but it is very far reaching. At this point in time I think creating there is valuable, and the reach to YOU is immense!

Twitch & Other Streaming Platforms

I plan on using these for two purposes for streaming more PolyInnovator related events, and for PolyInnovator Gaming streams.


A new age social media platform, for engaging short form videos. I joined a while back, and create more entertainment focused content than what I put elsewhere.

PolyInnovator Polycast Icon


The rise of podcasts is unknown to many, but for those in the loop I couldn’t pass up this opportunity! It came down to two choices, either create fully unique content, or repurpose my videos. I found the latter more suitable for my content strategy, but I will treat it as its own platform. I do see the PolyCast as it’s own thing, and will also create unique pieces from time to time on it’s own. Take a look below!


A podcast host built for the modern age. I had a hard time choosing which one to go with, and I think that the aspects behind this one really help the PolyCast thrive!


I started out the PolyCast here, and I felt that it was necessary to continue posting to here as well. Not only to have a backup location, but also to provide my fans there with content.


A decentralized blockchain alternative to SoundCloud. Once again it comes down to syndicating the content into a new era of platforms. I want to be first on all of them!

A Self-Education University

PolyInnovator is more than just a personal brand, there is layers to it, and from what you may be able to tell there is a lot to see. Do not worry about seeing it all just yet! The first layer to it all is the Self-Education front, which is based around the Modular Degree, that is a renaissance of sorts for education as a whole.

Think along the lines of a do it yourself degree, except modular and fundamentally different philosophy in action.

Down below you will find links to all major areas of the Omni-Content I create, and you can find me on almost all major platforms. As well as plenty of small none major platforms as well!

So you’re looking to either start your own Modular Degree, or you are just curious as to what this is all about. This page here will tell you all you need to know to get started with the PolyInnovator Brand!