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PolyInnovator Joins People Together from All Over

Take a chance, and start your new life today. This being said it isn’t without hard work, and it isn’t some end all be all. The opportunities you face on this new world we call the internet can often overwhelm even the greatest. What I hope to create is a platform of change, built with the purpose of bringing #innovators together to #MAKEACHANGE.

The PolyInnovator Community

This is where the Polyinnovator Social Network comes in.

The community functions of this website act as a gateway to like-minded individuals who are here either for learning, or for innovative ideas. Either way the growth mindset is greatly apparent. This leverages the creativity of innovation, and the inspiration of learning. Combining both creative inspiration for a prosperous community.

I challenge you today to go on the Groups tab, find a circle of people who may resonate with you. Then in that circle leave a message stating why you joined that group, and see what happens!

The Learning Courses

I would honestly say that probably even more important than the social aspects, are the learning portions. The courses on PolyInnovator are based around Self-Education, as well as Innovation skills. Both being separate tools of life, but both highly valuable. Surprisingly pretty much nowhere can you find reliable learning materials on each.

Lets start by explaining the initial round of courses shall we:

Build Your Own Modular Degree Mini Course:

This intro course is meant to be a guide on getting started with your own Self-Education pathway, in other words YOUR OWN Modular Degree. Not unlike the one I talk about on the YouTube channel.

This would include the basics of setting up a project management tool like Google sheets, or in my case Airtable for organizing the degree.

As well as the foundations of how you should set up the outline of the degree, such as the semesters. The keys are repetition, interleaving, and competency.

Innovation Introductory Course:

Given that this is a platform for #Innovators, it only seems fitting that there should education for their minds as well. Perhaps one day this will be the #1 place for innovation ideologies.

The course gives a run down of how innovation occurs in businesses, education, your own life, and in general. Of course there are deeper details to get into when in comes to those subjects, however I think it’s prudent that we take a high-level view of what can be changed.

The main concept is explaining how it occurs, giving some simple mental models to adopt, as well as give a look at what is to come in later courses.

Creating Your Semesters (Modular Degree):

Not only is the Modular Degree something you curate on your own, but it is a lifelong journey. One should never stop learning lest you want your brain to suffer!

The challenge is not trying to cram it all in at once, or delay until the end. You need a solid mix of hard and easy, helpful or just interesting, career oriented or happiness inducing. The latter could be one in the same if done right.

The semesters are a powerful way of visualizing the overarching plan of your education. Especially if you need some concepts to stick strong, then you would need to spread them over multiple terms.

This gives your brain a chance to cement the knowledge, and understanding how to do that efficiently is what we go over in the course.

Changing Your Life

All in all these tools are meant to give you that head start in life, and perhaps an extra edge over your competitors. Even more so maybe it will give you a chance to turn those so called competitors into allies.

The courses here are going to give you the opportunity to say no to college, or skip ahead of the curve; Either way the dynamic of learning should be truly understood. It is my mission to empower that understanding!

-Dustin M. PolyInnovator

PolyInnovator News

Radical Honesty and Intelligence

Honesty is the key to all relationships, no doubt in that. Even though this is common knowledge it is not common practice. We live in a world covered in deceit, lying, and sharp tongues. The Four Pillars Philosophy was created to aim at becoming the pinnacle of humanity, but how do we accomplish this level? We like to think of it as a balance or “mix” of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) AND EQ (Emotional Intelligence). The blend of Compassion/Empathy with Analysis/Cognition.

The ability to know how your own emotions and the emotions of others works, is truly a peculiar thing. The key to remember is honesty is the bridge between IQ and EQ, it is something that both high IQ and high EQ individuals understand. Logic dictates that honesty is the quickest way to achieve communication of information. Emotional resonance is increased with honesty.

We are beings of perfected attributes, although we are not perfect. If we strive to be perfect, then our task would be to change our society to be perfect. We are the people who strive to be the best they can be of themselves, and they end up being the best of what humanity contains as a whole. Perfection is unbalanced, and there would be no life to live.

How can we get past this obstacle of deception by perfection? We do with the concept of radical honesty. Radical honesty is direct communication between one to an any number of people. No underlying intention or even backward plan, we directly say our words. Speaking with pure of heart.

We aim to be the best well-balanced person we can be by following the four main pillars of life: Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotion. It is honestly a brilliant expression of intelligences. The varying types of intelligences will have different effects on the person involved.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a man who understood these concepts well. If he was alive today he would be a prime example of what an ULCian could become. He used his five senses to extend his pillars of life. He was in tune with his senses, and in turn was honest in his life. He acted rash at times, and let his emotions to get the best of him, but was aware of this in the moment it happened. Not just after the fact. Over his years he became a far greater man than all of his peers. He controlled his emotions, he kept his physique in shape even into his 70’s, he was spiritual about life itself and the many wonders of nature. His curiosity shaped his beliefs and his mind itself. There is no doubt he is one of the brightest humans to have ever lived.

“The five senses are the ministers of the soul.” -Leonardo

We can use this man as the epitome of the potential we all possess. Use him as a guideline to life, a path to shape our own personal pillars. No matter how united we become, we are all alone in our own paths of life. We can only hope to aid one another as best as we can.

I urge you to up your honesty, and take control of your senses. When you find yourself in a situation that is one step closer to personal unification of the pillars of life, then take your world of life itself!

We can analyze people rather than facts or equations, compared to our IQ counterparts. In my experience this is a remarkable feat, being able to connect to a person on an intimate level, even if they’re a stranger, is like trying your favorite treat for the first time. The thrill of meeting a new person can be exhilarating.

Though making discoveries and learning facts can only take you so far if you do not have anyone to share them with. The amount of pure social community that extroverted people have is quite amazing, and the ability to start-up a conversation with anybody is extremely necessary for accomplishing goals.

One major difference between IQ and EQ is how you see the world. Now being a person with a rather high IQ and a high EQ, I feel prepared to be a spokesperson on the matter. People with high IQ will see the world in a matter of facts, numbers, and the base nature of science. That base nature can be physics, mathematics, or even visualizing equations and mathematical angles with no technological aid.

People with high IQ’s like to challenge their minds with stuff like this, and at times they will come up with something extraordinary (Take Newton or Vincent Van Gogh for example). Alas these discoveries or creations amount to nothing if they cannot spread among the rest of humanity. These underrated geniuses went for centuries (sometimes less), without recognition, and perhaps if they had a greater understanding of other people, or EQ, then they would have been more successful in their lifetime. On the alternative side with EQ, people with this intelligence see the world quite differently. We know that science and knowledge is important, but we put it aside for it does not interest us as much as people do.

The one bridge between these two mindsets, that is the point of this article in the first place is honesty. The balance that honesty can create is immense. The Dalai Lama tends to share the idea of “Global Compassion”, which is the fact that all people ARE PEOPLE, we are all conscious human beings that should be treated as such.

Sadly there are not many people who understand this concept, or choose to live by it. In fact this idea is one the biggest factors into the creation of the PolyInnovator Community. The Dalai Lama has a high IQ and EQ, and is able to spread such ideologies because he is direct with his intent. He honest with his mind and heart.

There is a understated idea here, and that is balance. The Philosophy of PolyInnovator is balance, and that is meant to be shown by the article here. A balance between the heart (EQ) and mind (IQ), with the Four Pillars Philosophy as a tool to do it. Being honest is merely the first step towards that goal!