The Key to Self-Development is Self-Discipline

Treating your life as if it was some test you can cheat on is not the way to live. Some people slide on by through life, only to wake up on their death bed wishing they had done more. #regret

My Ideal Career

my-ideal-career - blog post

Todayโ€™s story is about an interdisciplinary approach to building a career. It may be more centered about my goals and aspirations, but I hope that you can benefit too by seeing a unique idea process. Now this is quite the statement to make, and to be honest it was formed over years of philosophical learning. […]

The Magnificent Four Pillars

the magnificent four pillars -Polyinnovator

Nothing more, nothing less, just nothing. All with anything, and everything. The duality concept is a bit contradictory if you think about it with the Four Pillars. Alas there is a beautiful connection to them both.

The Ultimate Self-Education Blog

the ultimate self education blog -polyinnovator

It is the process of learning by teaching yourself. Often called Autodidactism, and it is great. I absolutely love calling myself a self-teacher, for I am captivated by the thought that I could become something greater.

Imbuing the Four Pillars Philosophy into Your Life

polyinnovator four pillars philosophy

Mastering different aspects of life can be a difficult task, and can be quite daunting at first to attempt. We are here to make that transition into making a change in your life easier. Here we will explain each of the Four Pillars and how they work. Each with two ways you can get started improving and maintaining them!

The Mindset of the Future

the mindset of the future-

You must take your mindset to a new level, and strive to achieve greater heights in each of your endeavors!

Self Education Crash Course

Self Education Crash Course

Understanding the basics of Self-EduDevMent, and how that impacts your self-education as a whole. Basics of autodidactism, and the modular degree.