Radical Honesty and Intelligence

Radical Honesty and Intelligence polyinnovator blog

Honesty is the key to all relationships, no doubt in that. Even though this is common knowledge it is not common practice. We live in a world covered in deceit, lying, and sharp tongues. The Four Pillars Philosophy was created to aim at becoming the pinnacle of humanity, but how do we accomplish this level? […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About PolyInnovator

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PolyInnovator is a personal brand for myself, that I built to be a catalyst of content development towards innovation. I wanted to make an impact on how things operate, as I kept seeing too many global problems. I want to give the people the opportunity to #MAKEACHANGE! Here are five things you probably did not […]

Modular Education for All


This is a platform where students can curate their own degree via MOOC’s, and other resources, as well as provide my own courses. This was the inspiration for PolyInnovator Academy, and the process of pursuing your own Modular Self-Education. Perhaps creating a way to get that Self-Edu accreditation, instead of just how to build them. […]

The Future of Philosophy and Technology

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Technology The future of technology is one that is going to completely turn everything we know upside down. With the rise of new cloud based tech, and the internet of things; The entire world is becoming more and more connected. We really need to get the less rich countries around the world on the game […]

PolyInnovator Academy

PolyInnovator Academy

The PolyInnovator Academy was built to teach you the fundamentals, and advanced ideology, for pursuing your own Self-Education

Self-Development 101

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Understand that life is about constant growth, and that you will more than likely never stop.