On the home page there is a log in/register module that you can use, or you can follow this link:


Why yes of course, currently there is no cost to having a membership, and even if there was there would always be a free account.

The only reason why there might be paid memberships down the line, would be for additional content. Perhaps exclusive features, and courses.

I hope you sign up today! -Dustin

Yes anyone can make an account, and is encouraged to do it.

However let it be known that it takes some grit to follow your own self directed education.

Perhaps by joining you’ll gain that grit!

Yes of course! Simply direct them to the website via the link: www.polyinnovator.space ! Thank you for your support!!


I created this website first and foremost to host my courses. I wasn’t inclined towards other third party hosts, and I thought having it native on my own website would give me the opportunity to create unique styles of courses.

These courses are meant to give you the opportunity of organizing YOUR own Self-Education.

The community aspect to the site is meant to enhance that self-edu ideal, as well as introduce people into an Innovation Network.

This may be subject to change if any great modifications happen to the site, but currently in order to close the account:

You must make way to your “My Account” page of either in your user menu, or on your PolyInnovator Community Page.

Alternatively if that doesn’t work, then send an email to: [email protected]

You can either go to the top menu and click “shop”, then down to “Courses”.

On that page you will see various items, among them being the Free Mini Course.

Alternatively there should be a link in the footer of every page, or in the side menu.

Sadly no, the term PolyInnovator, comes from being a “Polymath of Innovation”. Polymath meaning a jack of all trades, or someone with many skills. Perhaps after much time spent learning or working, then the attribute Polymath could be attained.

If your skills are of the Innovation variety, such as Project Management, Social Dynamics, Futurism, or Innovation Management etc; Then I would say you have quite earned the title PolyInnovator!

Honestly despite calling myself a PolyInnovator, due to it being my personal brand, I do not fully consider myself one…yet!

That is rather the point though, I created the personal brand to be my documentation of my education. Since the format of the Modular Degree is that of Self-Education, then there isn’t much of a way to PROVE that I attained my endeavor’s goals.

Meaning I created my endeavor in order to BECOME a PolyInnovator. I foresee this taking most of my life however.

The community grew from the original idea I had for a hub of innovation. This hub was called the United Living Construct. The innovation would allow for global unification, with the #MAKEACHANGE ideal.

“World Unity Through Self-Education” as it were, and this autodidactic innovator mentality grew into my personal brand: PolyInnovator.