The Key to Self-Development is Self-Discipline


Phew, no brainer right? The audacity it takes for me to write this little piece of common knowledge is enormous right? Wrong. This so ridiculous to wrap your head around that if you think you do, and you haven’t been practicing this for years, then you are lying to yourself. Even some of the greatest people in history struggled at developing themselves.

The beauty of it is that Self-Discipline is a habit and once you develop it, while destroying the habit of laziness, then some wonderful things start to happen. Your self-awareness grows, the world seems lighter (despite the fact you are “Working harder”), your life goes much more smoothly, and most of all you are truly happier. Your life can only be as good as you MAKE it, if you are lazy, then you are not making anything.

Treating your life as if it was some test you can cheat on is not the way to live. Some people slide on by through life, only to wake up on their death bed wishing they had done more. #regret

You do not want to wake up one day and regret your life, that is a terrible feeling. One that I know for a fact I will not let myself feel.

Create a path in your life that is founded on the act of creating a daily Self-Discipline habit. From the moment you get up, to the moment you go to sleep. I do this by making my bed, even not perfectly, just making it. As well as drinking a lemon-apple cider vinegar water drink, to hydrate and detox myself. Finally this discipline can come in the form of working out, there are many times during a workout where you will want to say I am done. No more for me, well yes there is, and you will finish what you set out to achieve. NO IF’S, AND’S, OR BUT’S. Get down on the floor and do some push ups, go run a mile, go swim 100 yard sprint, go do a plank, I do not care just get yourself moving.

If you fall on your face, take 30 seconds or a min, then get back up. If it happens again, then get up again. The other day I told myself I would try and max out my push ups again (previous was 263, aiming for 300). I hadn’t been doing them consistently for a while, as I was focused on more eccentric workouts, but I decided to do it anyways.

I did 200, I fell on my face THREE TIMES, painfully; but I got back up THREE TIMES. Until I got to the point where I could not do anymore. Yes it wasn’t my highest rep count, but I aimed to push my discipline muscle more than my body. I aimed to create a habit to do more. To reach a higher standard for myself.

That point is that no matter how hard it may seem, there is a chance you can do it, so try…..No screw trying, just go and do it.

Reach for a higher goal. Shut your mouth if you are talking bad about others. Most of all tell yourself that you can do it, and that you will!

This post was more along the lines of a motivational piece, but there is some strong opinions held. If you are offended by them, then I apologize. The true honest nature of my language is geared towards making you a better person.

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